172 lbs & Changed My Calories/Goals

I have been hovering around the 172, 171 mark for a few days now. But still hanging on.

I had a semi-bad day last Friday night when we had family over for a birthday party for 2 people. I ate ham, meatballs, and a little piece of cake. I did go a tad overboard on the ham and meatballs! I even had a small Kahlua with milk and half & half. eeek! It was delicious!

But I am still hanging on to 171 and a few ounces, so I round up to 172.

This week is going to be the challenge though, with both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day food and frolicking!

So, to try to combat any food issues now, I reset my goals over at MyFitnessPal back to a one pound weekly loss, (instead of .5 lb). I figure it will give me a better view of my calories, which are now down to 1500.

I also think that maybe it will give me an intensive to start working out again, which will give me more calories to eat! My January resolution is to work out more for sure! I have the eating healthy part down I think and that is the one missing piece!

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