171 pounds

I thought I had hit a weight loss wall and seemed to be stuck at the 174, 173 range. It was okay, I wasn’t complaining. I figured that my body would let me know my optimum comfortable weight. So I let go of losing weight and tried to accept it.

I reset my MyFitnessPal “goals” to reflect a .5 weekly weight loss and my calories in turn were raised to over 1600. I still kept a goal weight of 160.

I knew I wasn’t going to eat all my calories everyday but it was okay. I figured it would ease me back into maintenance mode if that’s where I was headed.

So yesterday AM I weighed in and I was 170.5. Same weight this AM too, even on the old non digital scale.

I keep thinking it’s temporary still so I am prepared to fluctuate between 175 and 170.

So my total is a miraculous 29 lbs. I can hardly believe it.

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