Another 2 Pounds!?

This still shocks me when I get on the scale and see more weight loss. I keep thinking something has to be wrong. How could it be this wonderful and easy!?

Two more pounds lost on the (new) scale this AM. That makes me down to 177 for those keeping score at home, and 23 total pounds lost. YAHOOOOO!

Note: I haven’t adjusted my calories at in awhile, I am still at 1560 calories, and it continues to be working for me, so I won’t go lower at this time. To be truthful, most nights I don’t eat all my calories anyway, even though they say to always do so. I usually have a 100 or more calories left. I just eat when I am hungry, and if I am full, I don’t. So, I think 1560 is a safe number.

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