Weigh In – 181 lbs!


Weighed myself on both scales. Either 181 or 180 depending on the scale. Awesome! So, that’s a 19 or 20 lb weight loss! I’ll take it!

(Old scale reads 180 and new digital reads 181 – strange, it was usually the older scale that was higher!)

My husband, Mike is also down too. 223 lbs! Awesome!

It’s been a rough few days. Mike badly hurt his eye last Thursday, and although I have been doing okay in my calories, some of the food choices might have been more “processed” than I’d like.

But we both got a good night’s sleep Sunday night and since then, I have been feeling awesome, with more energy! I feel tremendous. Don’t know if it’s better food, better weight, or both….but I am happy! :)

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