One more Pound!

Well, I was figuring that I was in a slump. I reached a plateau and I wouldn’t be able to lose any more weight! sigh.

It’s been 15 days since my last weight loss blog post (at 10 lbs total) and I kept weighing myself hoping for a little more. I wasn’t necessarily getting “discouraged” because I knew that as long as I was eating better, moving more, and feeling healthier, even if the scales didn’t notice, I was doing okay.

So, this morning before breakfast, I weighed myself. I could barely see the numbers, but they surely looked like 1 more pound lost. That’s all I can hope for. It’s not going to be a speedy trip, it’s going to take some time. I have to keep up my good work, and know that I am doing the right thing even if my weight is not as low as I want it.

Oh and I have been biking and moving more, hoping it kicks up my metabolism. I have to do some more research on metabolism and see if I can help myself more.

More on that later.

But now, I plan to bike to the library (1 mile one way), then bike down to the milkweed field and shoot some photos. I noticed the milkweed silks were out the other day while driving to work, so I really want to check it out. I know the ride might be partially sans sidewalks, but I will be careful. It will be a good ride.

milkweed silks

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